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 In 2021 TC interviewed Johns to be her employee, little did she know the pain and craft this was going to cause her. Johns has always wanted her own business in the coffee industry and after meeting someone so passionate and experienced (although challenging) it became possible from there to form TJ BREWS. 

TJ BREWS was formed over the love of cold brew. We wanted to make an affordable, accessible, and unique cold brew and whole bean delivered to your door.

After much deliberation (and a couple of disagreements), a speciality brew was finally decided. With TC’s and Johns’s personality matching their palettes, there was a big contrast - between sophisticated, strong and sweet, and Johns’s palette of beautiful, bold and Boujie - bringing challenges to the steeping process and increasing the difficulty of finding the perfect brew. The perfect balance was found between bold and sweet to ensure our cold brew is unique to everybody's taste. 



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